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Another random consumed update: Themed-out donks

This was one of my favorite column topics ever. I still see donks around town here in Savannah, and other points south. I don’t see as many with exciting brand-inspired themes, though. Then yesterday I saw this excellent Cap’n Crunch donk on Flickr, I believe taken in Little Rock: Then after poking through some Flickr […]

Assorted Updates

Marketplace weighs in on the frozen-yogurt business in the slow economy. (Updates September 5, 2008 Consumed.) Here’s a cool-sounding use of augmented reality to stage a show within MoMA that can only be seen with a smartphone. Also somebody has devised away to “augment” reality by removing objects etc. from video captures — “diminished reality.” […]

“Scraper” bikes

Brian comes through with a great tip, something I at least knew nothing about. Evidently this is an Oakland thing: Kids who customize their bikes (as in bicycles) in an aesthetic inspired by “scraper” (basically a kind of low-rider with the sort of styling I’m used to seeing on donks) cars. Thus things like Oreo […]

Search me

I don’t know if you have a website, or, if you do, whether you have some sort of plug-in that tells you about search terms that led people to it. I do, on both counts. Normally I don’t notice the latter, but today I did. Here’s what it says: murketing,  mongols mc,  rob walker,  advertising,  […]


Old Cutlass transformed into luxury ride with magical Chanel logo: BoingBoing takes note. Previously: Consumed on themed-out donks. For more on appropriation of lux logos, see chapter five of Buying In. Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi, Revised Edition: Corrects a graphic lots of people — including me — have been linking to. Tattoo removal firm aims for […]

“Wow that’s a lot of Skittles”

I can’t resist highlighting this, via Craftzine: Someone posted on Craftster the dress she made for prom … out of Skittles wrappers. Apart from being a remarkable feat of DIYism and upcycling (and thus unconsumption), extra points for the use of branded trash. Plus, for those of you who remember the Consumed column on donks: […]

3 billion cars, 12,000 models

I know I had an opinion, when I was a child, about whether Matchbox cars were better than Hot Wheels, or vice versa. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what that opinion was. Certainly I also don’t remember the kind of impressive details that apparently marked the original Matchbox models, as described today in the obituary of […]

Go Logo

In Consumed: Themed Donks: Customized cars that use commercial logos as part of the creative palette. The allure of aesthetics has been a fact of automobile design for many decades. But carmakers have never been able to match the inventiveness of some car owners, dating back at least to creators of tangerine-flake objets d’art that […]