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Posted by Rob Walker on August 9, 2007
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Listening to a pilot episode of a new NPR show currently referred to as The Bryant Park Project, I caught part of an interview with Sharon Begley, Newsweek‘s science writer and author of its cover story about global warming denial and the “machine” perpetuating the idea that it’s no big deal or that scientists aren’t sure about it, etc. She mentioned a couple of poll stats that made me go to the story. Here’s one:

39 percent of those asked say there is “a lot of disagreement among climate scientists” on the basic question of whether the planet is warming; 42 percent say there is a lot of disagreement that human activities are a major cause of global warming. Only 46 percent say the greenhouse effect is being felt today.

The good news, I suppose, is that the influence of the “denial machine” is waning, in that polls taken just last year found that those who think there’s a lot of disagreement was 64 percent. So that view has gone from a majority view, to a minority one. The article also says that “38 percent of those surveyed identified climate change as the nation’s gravest environmental threat, three times the number in 2000.”

It does seem troubling that significant swaths of people seem unsure about the link between human behavior and activities and global warming. But presumably it explains this:

Look for the next round of debate to center on what Americans are willing to pay and do to stave off the worst of global warming. So far the answer seems to be, not much. The NEWSWEEK Poll finds less than half in favor of requiring high-mileage cars or energy-efficient appliances and buildings.

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Reader Comments

i watched chris horner of CEI on CSPAN on one of their BookTV segments. he was promoting his book ‘”Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming” at a phyllis schafly eagle forum function. i have to admit that he has a really compelling style, comes off as really intelligent as he fires all kinds of rebuttal stats to global warming data feeding this era of “new awareness”. near the end of it i got so mad i had to turn it off because the QA session was ostensibly one person after another seeking a reason to justify the status quo. schafly even admitted she’d never seen al gore’s “inconvenient truth” and asked horner if she should see it, and of course he blubbered “no”. what makes the conservative mindset so apathetic to action? the same amount of energy it takes to rebutt climate science could simply be spent thinking of ways to simplify and conserve energy and resources. whoa – did i just say “conserve”? conservatives don’t really want to conserve? wha?

Written By Gong Szeto on August 9th, 2007 @ 5:50 pm