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Posted by Rob Walker on November 15, 2010
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A couple of readers complained about aspects of a recent column about bad news and The Gap and their letters to the editor are published here. (Updates October 29, 2010 Consumed.)

Rob Horning considers the Duane Reade in Williamsburg, and how it might relate to Walgreens’ “food oasis” strategy. (Updates November 14, 2010 Consumed.)

The Instagram app is the latest thing in digital pictures that look analog, with¬† LOMO-esque effects, plus a “bonus”:¬† you can “instantly share.” (Updates July 23, 2010 Consumed.)

Pop-up stores keep popping up. (Updates December 18, 2005 Consumed.)

Anti Advertising Agency notes that while Terracycle upcycles waste, it also “creates zombie advertising and branding” by using spent packaging of brands that co-sponsor some of its efforts. (Updates, in different ways, May 20, 2007 Consumed and September 24, 2009 Consumed.)

In search of the next Snuggie. (Updates March 15, 2009 Consumed.)

Further diversion may be found at MKTG Tumblr, and the Consumed Facebook page.

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