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Posted by Rob Walker on November 1, 2010
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Selectism on “MUJI” Book from Rizzoli. (Updates January 9, 2005 Date Consumed). [Thanks J.J.]

Time says Mexican Coke “may be a myth.” For reasons that are not clear the article is sort of addressed to “hipsters.” For reasons that also aren’t clear, my column is described as “a trend piece.” Listen, Time Magazine, whatever it is I do, it sure as hell isn’t trend pieces for hipsters. Get a clue. (Updates October 8, 2009 Consumed.)  [Thx; Alex W.]

Microsoft’s object-tagging system was, um, not included in the column I wrote about such matters, but apparently has taken off: 2 billion items tagged, half in the past four months. Not sure about content details, but still. [Updates 9/3/10 Consumed.]

Cool short piece by Matthew Battles in The Atlantic on the decline of the wristwatch and time as an app. [Updates , October 28, 2007 Consumed and its spinoff, the world-famous Counterfunctionality: A Gallery.]

A character on Mad Men is publishing a book — meta, says Unbeige. It may interest you to know that a soap opera character from One Life To Live published a best-seller several years ago. (Updates May 1, 2005 Consumed.)

Coupon redemption up 23% in 2009, “first gain in 17 years,” says Ad Age. (Updates July 27, 2008 Consumed.)

Okay, so like I said before, if you have updates or requests, let me know. Last time I’ll ask!

Further diversion may be found at MKTG Tumblr, and the Consumed Facebook page.

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I checked out the Time article on Mexican Coke. I’d say it’s just the glass bottles, but I’ve had it from plastic bottles in Mexico and it’s always better.

Funny how the Time site populates its comments with anything posted on Twitter that refers to the article. I thought it was getting a lot of comments, but there are no actual comments posted to the site. It’s mostly people on Twitter saying “Check this article on Mexican Coke.” If comments are supposed to be a conversation, I’d call that a failure.

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