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Posted by Rob Walker on October 24, 2010
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Marketplace weighs in on the frozen-yogurt business in the slow economy. (Updates September 5, 2008 Consumed.)

Here’s a cool-sounding use of augmented reality to stage a show within MoMA that can only be seen with a smartphone. Also somebody has devised away to “augment” reality by removing objects etc. from video captures — “diminished reality.” See also “removing visual obtrusions.” (Updates November 13, 2009 Consumed.)

Alexis Madrigal on whether Hipstamatic / iPhone photos can be art. (Updates July 23, 2010 Consumed.)

The Imagination Age, a blog I learned of only recently and am enjoying quite a bit, notes Consumer Protection For Avatars, notably tips for avoiding scams in the economy of World of Warcraft. (Updates multiple Consumed columns and murketing posts dating back to 2005.)

Yoga imagery is starting to trend residual,” according Joshua Glenn, who is going to have to learn to tolerate cheap mockery from people like me now that he’s emerging as a Public ‘Brand Semiotics’ Guru. (Updates July 21, 2009 Consumed.)

Young America suddenly gets hip to donks. (Updates June 17, 2007 Consumed.) (More donkness here, here, here, and (sort of) here.)

BoingBoing points out a scraper bike doc. (Updates something I floated on the Consumed FB page back in May that was shot down as old news. Hm. Maybe I should revisit?)

Metafilter wises up to Jacqueline Rush Lee and other artists who use books as raw material. (Updates August 6, 2010 Consumed.)

  • If you are aware of an update to a column I’ve written, or would like to request an update, let me know in the comments. (By “update,” I mean anything from substantial developments about specific companies or brands, to new thoughts or ideas on a subject previously addressed in the column or its various extensions.)
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