Books, the idea, cont’d: Spines as art

Posted by Rob Walker on April 27, 2010
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I’m still poring over the delightful Bookshelf blog, but here’s a little bit to add to this occasional series of posts.

By Hans Feldman

Bookshelf says: “‘Bookshelves’ is a 5-panel, life-size photograph of Feldmann’s own bookshelves at his home in Düsseldorf.”

"Alasdair Macintyre," by Victoria Reichelt; click for more.

Apparently this is an oil on canvas piece, one several made by Victoria Reichelt. Bookshelf quotes her:

While some of these bookshelf paintings are of random books, I’ve recently done a series that are portraits of people. So I’d go to their houses and photograph their bookshelves and then make paintings from the photos as a way of telling the viewer about the person.

She also made this series of color-grouped books, which I think are pretty stunning:

"Blue Ocean," by Victoria Reichelt, click for more.

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