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Posted by Rob Walker on November 22, 2009
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No column in the NYT Mag today, but of course you should go buy the Sunday paper anyway. As always you can check out or if you’re bored, I tend to update those even when I’m too busy to say anything here, as I have been lately. I hope to get some half-written stuff finished and onto this site in the week ahead, but then I hoped that last week, too.

Meanwhile I’ve noticed a few “Stand By” graphic treatments lately. My opening slide when I was doing Powerpointy self-promotion in connection with Buying In was in fact the classic stand-by color bars. Often the A/V guy would find it confusing. I’ve wondered if anybody else even remembers the image, so I guess I’m glad to see evidence that people do. Anyway if you happen to know of more examples I’d love to see them!

Sewing Room TV Cover by modernjax

Sewing Room TV Cover by modernjax

By Frank Chimero

By Frank Chimero

Also by Frank Chimero, whose work is excellent.

Also by Frank Chimero, whose work is excellent.

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of course, what is the internet/computer equivalent? rotating rainbow (mac) or rotating circular dashes….

Written By edgertor on November 23rd, 2009 @ 1:09 pm

I wonder if the rotating rainbow is actually a visual reference to the TV color bars? That never occurred to me!

Written By Rob Walker on November 23rd, 2009 @ 1:23 pm


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