The Product Is You, No. 16

Posted by Rob Walker on November 25, 2009
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[The Product Is You* is an occasional series collecting advertising that is aimed at advertisers: Magazines or television networks packaging up their consumers — that is, you, the potential ad target — in ways designed to attract advertisers. ]

Just as Bravo pushes the idea that its viewers are “affluencers” (well-off and inflential people, desirable to advertisers), the WE network concocts a name for those who watch its programming: They are “I Do-ers.” Does this mean they are overly willing to get married??

Not exactly. This advertisements aimed at advertisers assures them that if you are a person who watches WE, then you are a “perfect match” for, yes, their advertising. Why? Because you are “optimistic about the future” and “brand loyal” and “resiliant in today’s marketplace.” That’s right, you are a spender!

Also you’re “Trend smart” and a “savvy” decisionmaker. What this communicates to potential advertisers is that you’re a pushover. Much like the affluencer, the I Do-er is a marketer’s dream. Or so this ad would have you believe.

Anyway, whatever is they show on WE tv (“real-life stories”) not only attracts but “captivates” the I Do-er, who is perhaps tired after a day of Do-ing things and would look to watch some television. The point of WE tv — and indeed of all commercial television programming — is noted at the end: It is to “connect this attractive consumer to your brands!”


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