Posted by Rob Walker on October 15, 2009
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  • Filtering Reality: “After California’s Prop 8 ban on gay marriage passed, opponents of the measure dug up public records of donors supporting the ban, and linked that data to an online map. Suddenly, you could find out which of your neighbors (or the businesses you frequent) were so opposed to gay marriage that they donated to the cause. Now imagine that instead of a map, those records were combined with an augmented reality system able to identify faces. You want to know who exactly gave money to the 2014 ban on SUVs? Easy—they now have green arrows pointing at their heads.”
  • FTC To Target Advertisers, Not Bloggers, In New Guidelines: “In an attempt to clarify misconceptions that the FTC now will be mining the blogosphere for unsavory endorsements, Engle said the FTC’s focus has always been on “bad actor” advertisers.”
  • The Google Wave chatting tool is too complicated for its own good. – By Farhad Manjoo: “Everything you type into Wave is transmitted live, in real time.” This sounds absolutely horrible. I assume people will love it.
  • Bleak U.S. job market boosts military recruitment | Reuters: “The U.S. military met all of its recruitment goals in the past year for the first time since it became an all-volunteer force in 1973.”
  • Letters of Note: Savin’ It!: “June 2003: Al Franken sends the following satirical letter to then Attorney General John Ashcroft and 27 other Republicans. In the letter, written on Harvard University letterhead, Franken requests abstinence-related stories for a (non-existent) book he’s writing entitled ‘Savin’ It!’ and claims to have already received responses from a selection of prominent figures.” It’s funny.
  • The Chemistry of Information Addiction: Experiment said to find neural basis for this well-known trait: “The majority of us are all too familiar with the urge to know more about the future, whether it is an exam grade, an experimental result, or the status of a new job. Prior knowledge frequently has no effect on the actual outcome of the event – we’ll get the same grade regardless – and yet we still desperately want to know. This leads to what scientists refer to as “information-seeking behavior” – our mind craves relevant information.” Of course when you’re talking about real life, much depends on the meaning of “relevant,” and “information.”
  • They Shoot Porn Stars, Don’t They?: Friend of Murketing Susannah Breslin: “Today marks the debut of “They Shoot Porn Stars, Don’t They?,” a text-and-photos essay about the adult movie industry and the recession.” Pretty interesting, check it out.
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