Posted by Rob Walker on October 12, 2009
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  • WTF Safeway Blog?: “I’ve seen some bad food photography in my day, but none compares to what’s on the Safeway blog.” The examples are funny.
  • Buying Green Can Be License For Bad Behavior, Study Finds: Mentioned earlier here.
  • Tech version of placebo effect?: “Sixty people were shown the same video clip on the same television. Half were told to expect clearer, sharper pictures thanks to HD technology: an impression backed up by posters, flyers and the presence of an extra-thick cable connected to the screen. The other half were told to expect a normal DVD image. Questionnaires revealed that the people who had been led to expect HD reported seeing higher-quality images.” Via Mind Hacks
  • Great time for US consumers: America is on sale: “‘The deals out there are unbelievable,’ says Wilmes, 36, who writes the Frugal Rhode Island Mama blog, which tracks local and national bargains. ‘We can put the money I save toward something else.’ And she’s doing just that, but only when she can find another deal. Wilmes and her husband recently bought a Samsung television from Best Buy’s Web site for $1,299, about $300 less than she found at other stores. She also got free delivery and another $13 back from, which receives commissions from online retailers for directing customers their way.”
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