Posted by Rob Walker on October 4, 2009
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  • Music-industry suit still lives better than you do: Record biz crumbling? Check out the tasteful details of this Warner guy’s pad before you decide. Sadly online version doesn’t note context: “Lives with his German shepherd in his six-bedroom Upper East Side town house.”
  • The Usefulness Of Cranks: Mammoth but incredibly great essay/review by Jackson Lears on environmentalism, progress, America, etc.
  • How Long to Form a Habit?: Study claims: “When we want to develop a relatively simple habit like eating a piece of fruit each day or taking a 10 minute walk, it could take us over two months of daily repetitions before the behaviour becomes a habit.” Via Mind Hacks I think.
  • Regretsy: “Handmade? It looks like you made it with your feet.” “Regretsy, the dregs of online crafts.” Via Coudal.
  • Robots and Monsters open for donations: “The charitable art project that offers custom-made robot and monster drawings, has relaunched. Here’s how it works: you donate a set amount for an original robot or monster drawing, and supply three words or phrases that one of the artists will interpret as they see fit to create your drawing.” Via Josh G.
  • Is the Internet melting our brains?: The argument: “Every communication advancement throughout human history, from the pencil to the typewriter to writing itself, has been met with fear, skepticism and a longing for the medium that’s been displaced.”
  • Questioning Accidentalism: “Accidentalism, in other words. provides the perfect backdrop for the liberation mythology promoted by many of the web’s most ardent proponents, which is built on the idea that old technology put us in chains and new technology is breaking those chains.”
  • Maine Statutes Dish | Significant Objects: “17 §3951. Abandonment of airtight containers (REPEALED) 15 peanuts.” Story by Ben Katchor.
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