Posted by Rob Walker on October 1, 2009
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  • Campaign gives a toast to sherry: “A campaign to make sherry cool.” Sigh.
  • Side-effects from placebos can be drug specific: “Side-effects from placebo were almost as common as from the actual drug, but most interestingly, were specific to side-effects you would expected from the comparison medication.”
  • Lost In the Supermarket: “The exaggerated displays of utility on display in the Supermarket are themselves a middle-class form of conspicuous consumption. Veblen describes how a rich man’s cane is a symbol of his membership in the leisure class precisely because he will never need to use it. The grip strips on a toothbrush and easy-pour spouts are exactly the same. They symbolize effort we will never have to exert.” Via Marginal Utility
  • Basketball Trophy | Significant Objects: “I am in daily prayer that in Christian spirit only you will see this appeal, and know of our plan to transfer the ownership of this darling golden statuette of high monetary value into your home.” Story by Cintra Wilson
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