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Posted by Rob Walker on September 5, 2009
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Selling the crowd-pleasing notion of collective creativity

Many behold the overwhelming abundance of products at the mall, the big-box store or even and conclude: That’s enough; we don’t need any more new stuff to consider buying. Ben Kaufman doesn’t see things that way. He is sure that he is not alone. “Everyone,” he says, “has a product idea.” It’s probably true: even as we piously lament the endless and wasteful junk that clutters the material world, plenty of us are simultaneously pondering some hypothetical doodad that we are sure would be a retail hit.

A few months ago, Kaufman, who is 22 and lives in New York, started a business aimed squarely at the armchair inventors among us. is meant to bring “community developed” products to the marketplace….

Read the column in the September 6, 2009, New York Times Magazine, or here.

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