Posted by Rob Walker on August 26, 2009
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  • Josh Glenn explains The New Kids: Per his generational periodization scheme. “Born from 1884-93, [they] were a generation outraged with the world they’d inherited. They were in their teens and 20s in the Nineteen-Oughts (1904-13, not to be confused with the 1900s), during which time — according to Virginia Woolf — human nature underwent a fundamental change, as a result of technological breakthroughs and global violence; and they were in their 20s and 30s during the war-torn Nineteen-Teens (1914-23, not to be confused with the 1910s).” One of the most interesting generational cohorts ever, in my opinion.
  • Randy Ludacer: Songs about Packaging at Freshkills Park: “Saturday, September 26 at 12 p.m.: Mr. Ludacer will play a set of songs based around consumer packaging, specifically written to be performed atop Freshkills Park. Randy considers it an opportunity to ‘serenade the decades of discarded packaging buried beneath.’ Attendants will also receive a seven-song ‘Songs About Packaging’ CD from Randy, including handmade artwork created from the artist’s own recycling bin.”
  • Authenticity: In The Eye Of The Beholder?: “The authors say they were intrigued by how consumers were able to judge seemingly mundane objects or mass-market brands as authentic. ‘Consumers found authenticity in The Simpsons, McDonald’s, cigarette manufacturers, and Nike,’ the authors write. ‘Another surprise was the way committed environmentalists found authenticity in work-related objects such as SUVs.'” I actually don’t think that’s surprising at all (consider PBR, Red Bull, Timberland, etc.), but I understand why some might.
  • Russian Figure | Significant Objects: “Many were annoyed by his incessant tuneless humming.” Story by Doug Dorst
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