Posted by Rob Walker on July 23, 2009
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  • Ghostly Discovery iPhone Application: Coolhunting: “Ever ahead of the music industry curve, Ghostly International today released its first (100% free) iPhone application, Ghostly Discovery, a slick listening app that uses mood-based tagging to generate playlists from the Ghostly International and Spectral Sound (its dancefloor-oriented arm) catalogues.” Archival Murketing Q&A with Ghostly founder here.
  • Numberizing Walter Cronkite “trust.”: “Cronkite first became synonymous with trust in 1972, when the Oliver Quayle and Co. poll included his name in a list of public figures to determine a “trust index.” Cronkite topped the rankings with 73 percent, which seemed impressive until you considered the skunks polled alongside him. The “average senator” scored 67 percent in the survey, and President Richard Nixon—easily the least trustworthy animal ever to walk on two legs—received 57 percent, as did Hubert Humphrey.” Jack Shafer piece has interesting stuff in it.
  • Spotted Dogs Figurine | Significant Objects: Story by Curtis Sittenfeld. “It’s not that I think I married the wrong man.” Nicely done.
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