Posted by Rob Walker on July 20, 2009
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  • Los Uniformes para Cinco de Mayo (episodio dos): I missed part one! But: “UW Graphic Artist Paul Soto — a Mexican-American himself — hascome up with some much better designs that MLB teams should use should they wish to acknowledge and honor their Spanish-speaking (or even non-Spanish) fans.” Pretty cool.
  • David Rees: Boycott Jamba Juice!: Not happy about campaign that looks an awful lot like his work: “Whoever made this ad is probably a 22 year-old “creative” at some ad agency in Tech Valley, CA. Way to think outside the box, sonny.”
  • Ah, youth: “I’m still learning every single day. I’ll probably be learning every day until I’m 30.”
  • Golf Ball Bank | Significant Objects: “He sees the golf-ball bank two, maybe three full minutes before it breaks his nose.” Story by Todd Pruzan. Bid on this. It’s awesome.
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