Posted by Rob Walker on July 19, 2009
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  • Consumers Don’t Hate Ads After All, Survey Claims: “67 percent agreed (14 percent strongly) that ‘By providing me with information, advertising allows me to make better consumer choices.'” Yeah? Via Consumerist.
  • Three Keyboard Cat Moon: On Threadless (still being voted on.) Via BB.
  • Brain wiring creates false memories: Study says those with more false memories “were found to have higher-quality neural connections, called axons, in the superior longitudinal fascicle, known to be associated with gist-based memory.”
  • Admin. to review color-coded threat-level system: I missed this news, but E wised me up when I mentioned in passing I thought this system, though pretty much an information-design FAIL, would last for a long time, just out of inertia. Oddly this story says one reason is the “overall level of awareness … is greater now than it was before the attacks.” Eh? The system was introduced AFTER the attacks, and I can’t imagine anybody would argue that “awareness” is higher today than it was in the year or so after 9/11. One of the reasons the system is a failure is no one notices it anymore. It’s just signs at the airport that no one pays the slightest attention to.
  • Nutcracker with Troll Hair (or something) | Significant Objects: Story by Adam Davies. “Desperate, Mr. Chavarria fashioned his own Mr. Yodels, ignorant of the necessary protocols.”
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