Posted by Rob Walker on July 13, 2009
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  • Zoning Out Is a Crucial Mental State: The interesting part comes on the second page: “The fact that both of these important brain networks become active together suggests that mind wandering is not useless mental static. Instead, Schooler proposes, mind wandering allows us to work through some important thinking. Our brains process information to reach goals, but some of those goals are immediate while others are distant. Somehow we have evolved a way to switch between handling the here and now and contemplating long-term objectives. It may be no coincidence that most of the thoughts that people have during mind wandering have to do with the future.”
  • Skin Whitening A Global Practice: Fascinating NPR segment: “Commercials and advertisements for skin lightening products are often not shy about suggesting the lighter the skin, the more likely the chances of meeting a beautiful girl or landing a dream job. One ad for Active White shows a woman with glowing white skin after using the product and then asks, “What man could resist her?” And another controversial ad for Emami’s Fair and Handsome that ran in India in 2007 showed the most famous Bollywood actor trying to wipe away the skin of a dark brown man’s face.”
  • How The Average U.S. Consumer Spends Their Paycheck: Graphic form.
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