Posted by Rob Walker on July 11, 2009
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  • Christoph Morlinghaus’ photos of mega-churches: Very nice. Via Coudal.
  • Revenge is sweet but corrosive: Study finds “while we think revenge will make us feel better after an injustice, it seems to have the opposite effect and makes us feel more unhappy.”
  • Pinakothek: Hilobrow curates a selection from Luc Sante’s “series of imaginative, incisive readings of tintype photos, 45 RPM record labels, cigarette-paper packs, torn dustjackets, and other paper ephemera unearthed from his crazy, mixed-up files.”
  • Billy Mays pitches from beyond the grave: “Sales of Mighty products have increased about 25% since Mays’ death, McAlister said. It’s unclear whether Mays’ death inspired the jump.”
  • Rebranding Africa: By Bono. That’s right — an essay called REBRANDING AFRICA. Written by BONO. I think we can all go home now.
  • Mancession:” A “recession that hurts men much more than women.” This coinage is a stretch, to put it mildly. It does not feel necessary, and it doesn’t feel linguistically natural. (Even hecession would be slightly — but not much — better.) Rather it is the awkward mushing together of two words in a way that is dischordant, instead of harmonious. It calls attention to itself in the wrong way. Thus I say that’s a portmanteau that has failed: a portmanqué.
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