This post will only make sense if you were (or are) at the How Design Conference…

Posted by Rob Walker on June 25, 2009
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… and happened to attend my talk there.

These are links are follow-ups to various things mentioned, if you want more information or context:

Here’s my column on counterfunctionality, describing Jonah Berger’s work. Here is the spinoff counterfunctionality Tumblr where I’ve lately been compiling watch examples. Here is Jennifer Perkins’ DIY counterfunctional watch project.

Here’s a column partly about consumer attraction to both the novel, and the familiar.

Here’s a column on “venturesome consumption” (and iPhone apps; here’s something on that student-art app).

Here’s a column on “immaterialism” (Facebook gifts and other forms of digital/virtual goods).

Here is the site of F2 Design (letterpress); here are the sites of the other two creators I also hired to make posters for Buying In: Amy Jo, and The Little Friends of Printmaking.

Here is The Kings of Leon’s sprawling merch selection; here’s the site of Barking Irons, whose work with Kings Of Leon I mentioned. Here’s a Murketing post about the Of Montreal lifestyle-products record release; here is a post about the band selling a hunting knife.

Plutonomics discussed here.

Here is more about the Kyoto Box. Here is more about the work of the Center for Vision in the Developing World, including the “self refraction” optics method. Here is more about Pielab, in Greensboro, Alabama. The M-Lab person I mentioned is Brian W. Jones, who is also a collaborator with me and others in the Unconsumption blog (which, actually, I didn’t mention, but maybe I should have).

And yes, I read the tweets after these things. Most amusing one here. (You had to be there.) Most comprehensive tweeting of the How conference by Debbie Millman.

If you enjoyed the talk, you might enjoy Consumed (and its FB page) and/or Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are.

If you did not enjoy the talk, I am sorry.

And if there’s something else I should add to these links, tell me in the comments. Thanks.

Further diversion may be found at MKTG Tumblr, and the Consumed Facebook page.

Reader Comments

I really appreciated your talk at the conference. I found myself explaining to several of the other designers why I thought it was quite brilliant. It was a macro-economic perspective on the ultimate effects of design, while many of us get caught up in the minutiae of whatever individual project we are working on.

In a time when it feels like everything has either been done, or is already happening, your insight into the fact that “The Next Big Thing” is going to be created by us through looking in unconventional places, was quite refreshing.

Written By Bruce Wayne Stanley on July 4th, 2009 @ 2:52 am

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