Posted by Rob Walker on June 19, 2009
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  • The payoff of daydreaming: In WSJ. Seems relevant to the debate over “culture of distraction” and all that, but I haven’t worked out a good theory of how.
  • Kind words from Lux Lotus: “Speaking of riveting, a genius book that I read on this trip is my friend Rob Walker’s Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are, which I’ll be thinking about for a while. It offers a deeper exploration of up-to-the-moment alternative models of information distribution vs. traditional communication channels for expression of cultural production in the marketplace than anything else I’ve encountered.”
  • Christy Petterson Q&A: Crafter, writer, ICE organizer, friend of Murketing. On The Storque.
  • Iranian-expatriate TV station’s role: “Mailed out thousands of camera pens to citizens in Iran to help them document events the government wants to keep quiet. The pens pull apart to reveal a flash drive for plugging into a computer and uploading video.” Well that’s interesting. I wasn’t even familiar with the idea of “camera pens.” Have to see if somebody has more details on that.
  • “Plastectomy”: “Some depict [credit] cards being chopped with scissors, shredded in blenders or chewed by lawnmowers. Others show cards set on fire, or doused with liquid nitrogen and then shattered with a hammer.”
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