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Posted by Rob Walker on May 27, 2009
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  • Somebody hates everything: Next time someone slams your work, visit the Cynical-C Blog to be reminded that everything — everything — gets slammed mercilessly by somebody. The blog catalogs harsh one-star reviews from Amazon: The Godfather, The Odyssey, Anne Frank, Gone With The Wind, they’ve all been trashed by someone, and here’s the proof.
  • Cocaine found in Red Bull Cola?: This is good news for Red Bull. Fresh rumors are in-line with its murketed identity.
  • Objectified Review: “There aren’t very many movies that leave you wanting to go out and buy some cool new furniture while simultaneously giving you the urge to clean out your garage.”
  • ‘Suburban survivalists’ prepare for “The Road”-type scenario: “Top sellers include 55-gallon water jugs, waterproof containers, freeze-dried foods, water filters, water purification tablets, glow sticks, lamp oil, thermal blankets, dust masks, first-aid kits and inexpensive tents.” Don’t these people read the “consumer confidence” numbers? Via Recessionwire.
  • Furniture from street debris: “Lost & Found Stools are made from furniture found on the street combined with solid timber. Same goes for their Lost & Found Tables.” Brian W. Jones on the unconsumption tumblr.
  • Threadless co. helping filmmaker: “Skinny Corp [Threadless owner] has line called The Storytellers Collection. 100% of the proceeds garnered from the sales of these shirts goes to Patrick O’Brien’s film, ‘Everything Will Be Okay,’ which is very much about a worthy cause. O’Brien is documenting his battle with ALS, the terminal disease which results in the gradual degeneration of the body.”
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