In a book club? Here’s an offer.

Posted by Rob Walker on November 13, 2008
Posted Under: Buying In (the book)

Last night I posted’s exclusive Reader’s Guide to Buying In, compiled and written by the author (me). I believe, as stated, that now is a really good time to take consumer behavior seriously, to talk about it, to think about it. I think the book would be good in the book-club setting.

So to back that up even more, I have an offer. A while ago I read this USA Today article about authors doing conference calls with book clubs. I thought: “Yeah, I would do that, that sounds interesting.” Lots of publishers do this now, or so I gather.

And thus: if your group takes up Buying In, and you’re interested in arranging a conference call (all it takes is a speakerphone) write me at (subject heading “book club”) and we’ll work something out. (Or I’ll do the Skype videocall setup I’ve offered to college classes, if you prefer, and you have the technology.)

And obviously: I don’t really care if you have a formal book club or not. If you’ve bought the book and my  “tour” didn’t come to your city, and you want to round up some friends and make sorta kinda like a book clubbish gathering, we can probably work something out. You don’t have to go through some set of corporate hoops; there’s no middleman on this; it’s just me.

So tell your friends. Share it on Facebook, post about it on your blog or in book-club forums. Etc.

I’ll get back to regular topics and posts later today. Thanks for bearing with me.

Further diversion may be found at MKTG Tumblr, and the Consumed Facebook page.

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