Imaginary brand market gets more crowded

Posted by Rob Walker on August 29, 2008
Posted Under: Imaginary Brands

There were reports a while back that the imaginary brand Booty Sweat, a prop (so I read) in the Ben Stiller movie Tropic Thunder, would be released as a real product — like Brawndo (May 4, 2008 Consumed subject) — and supposedly in two different packages, one for the “urban” market, one for the “rural” market. (I don’t know about suburbs, exurbs, etc.)

I’ve now seen a few things suggesting it’s actually in stores, at least in some places. It’s made by Boston America, a novelty-manufacturer that does a lot of licensed goods, and it sounds to me more like a straight-up promotional proposition (given away at screenings). But it does seem to exist, for now at least. If you have encountered it and have thoughts, let me know.

Here is the loud and annoying Web site for the drink, where you are invited to bother your friends by telling them about Booty Sweat.

[For a roundup of other, non-imaginary brands appearing in Tropic Thunder, see Brand Channel’s Brand Cameo, which notes: “TiVo and Diet Coke are the true brandcameo stars of this movie that mocks not just movie stars, but every aspect of the film industry—even product placements.”]

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