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Posted by Rob Walker on July 28, 2008
Posted Under: Buying In (the book)

So far, I’m aware of two factual errors in Buying In.

1. On page 21, I say that Ed Templeton was born in 1973. In fact, he was born in 1972.

2. On page 211, I quote something written by “Peter Franchese.” In fact, his name is Peter Francese.

I guess it’s a cliché to say, “I regret the errors.” But I really, really do. My apologies to Mr. Templeton, and Mr. Francese.

I’ll be adding a link to this post (which I’ll update as needed) to the book’s page on this site, under the heading “Corrections.”

If you know of other factual errors such as these, please let me know.


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