AntiFriday: Highly concise edition

Posted by Rob Walker on July 4, 2008
Posted Under: "Good Design" (Tyranny of),Backlashing

Design Won’t Save the World, originally uploaded by frank-c.

So it’s a holiday weekend and I’d just as soon not be sitting in front the computer at all. Nevertheless. In lieu of the usual rundown of dissent, critiques, and backlashes, I offer you this one image.

Have you ever seen that T-shirt, popular on several trend-blogs, that says Design Will Save The World?

Well, Frank-c doesn’t care for it: “I think it’s misleading and primarily flawed; it’s inaction cleverly disguised as action. If you want to save the world, start by saving what’s prevalent in it: people. Help them. Love them.”

On that actually-rather-upbeat notion: Have a good weekend.

[Thx to Shawn — though please note that if this entry ticks you off, he shares no blame.]

Further diversion may be found at MKTG Tumblr, and the Consumed Facebook page.

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