In The New York Times Magzine: Down on the dollar

Posted by Rob Walker on May 11, 2008
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Almighty Dolor:
As Americans, we like the greenback, but as investors, we’re a little more willing to go where the money is

This week Consumed looks at spending money — on other forms of money.

Currency prestige has a long history in the context of nation-states, but the idea that individuals might find some forms of money more desirable than others is less familiar. Perhaps rising awareness of the falling dollar is changing that.

There is a way to, in effect, spend your dollars on other forms of money, and apparently the number of people doing so is increasing. …

Read the column in the May 11, 2008, issue of The New York Times Magazine, or here.

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Reader Comments

In your article “Almighty Dolor” you couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Ron Paul by calling his candidacy “quixotic.” If you had any knowledge of economics, or if you had ever read our
Constitution, or, indeed, if you had ever studied what our Federal Reserve has done to debase our dollar and create bubble after economic bubble, you would know that there was nothing quixotic about his candidacy.

If you had explained in your article why the dollar is falling and who and what are responsible, perhaps you could have turned your article into a meaningful exposition instead of the piece of fluff that it was.

Unfortunately, there are too many completely ignorant people like you in the news media who don’t know truth, and are completely uninterested in communicating it to the public.

Written By Robert on May 11th, 2008 @ 10:05 am

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