The International Review of Wine Packaging and Aesthetics, Vol. 9

Posted by Rob Walker on December 22, 2006
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Terre Del Primitivo “red wine from Puglia.” 2003.
About $12. (Jersey City)

[Note: Here I continue clearing the Jersey City inventory of wine-label-related entries.]

[Note: This is the ninth installment in a regular Murketing feature. For previous installments and an explanation, go here.]

R bought this wine because of the photo-style label. The photo label approach is generally a bad idea, and by and large we tend not to buy wine with label photography. “It seems wrong,” E explains.

In this specific instance, the results are particularly bad. The photograph tells you nothing, and the inexplicable blocky black shape underneath it has no logical graphic function. The back says the photo “illustrates” some “cone-shaped stone buildings” unique to the Puglia region. Yeah? This strikes R. as something less than an explanation. E is more concise: “I don’t care.”

Bottom line: In our view, wine packaging ought to somehow suggest a handcrafted process, not cheap mass production.

REGARDING THE ACTUAL WINE: We can’t remember anything about it.

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Reader Comments

I saw this and immediately recognized the roofs of trulli, which are a distinct cone-shaped building local to the area around Alberobello and Locorotondo, just Southwest of Bari in Puglia. The label works for me only because I’ve spent a lot of time around there and have really positive, wine-related memories of the region. But I may be one of only a few dozen Americans with those associations… I totally agree that it’s awful graphic design, however… The name of the wine is bad too, how many people know that Primitivo is a type of wine? It makes it look like these Italians are living in the Stone Age or something.

Written By Alex on December 24th, 2006 @ 7:32 pm
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