• Contest: Write a Six-Word Story about a “Significant Object”: “Can you create Significance for this Object in just six words? The winning response will be published on the Significant Objects site, and more to the point, on its eBay store. Proceeds from that auction go to the author of the winning submission.” Click through for details. Deadline is Friday.
  • Lucha Libre Masks: Astonishing assortment.
  • The Rise of Power Jeans: “Chosen well, jeans can suggest the wearer is confident and modern. Traditionally cut blue jeans carry a whiff of the laborer about them, so denim on a leader suggests a willingness to roll up the sleeves and dig in. There’s also something of the rebel in a pair of jeans. In the boardroom, that can read as creative.” Okay.
  • The Music-Making Business: “Many of today’s DIY artists are far from strangers in a new land. They’re likely gifted musicians with some level of formal training and well-schooled in how to navigate the chaotic world of popular music. They say a new, leaner industry is rising from the rubble of the pre-Internet corporate model. It will be a place for smart, dedicated musicians who know how to play and do business.”
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