Branding the recovery (2)


Okay well I just said I wasn’t going to offer an aesthetic critique of the new recovery logo. But, since McChris, in the comments, mentioned the National Recovery Act emblem from the Great Depression/New Deal era and even offered an image link … Well, I can’t help but say that I think there’s a boldness in the old emblem that’s definitely not present in the new one. The new one seems a bit wimpy to me, a bit, I don’t know, Facebooky or something — or like it represents an iPhone app. It also strikes me as a little too busy for its own good.

BUT, maybe my view will change in time. Again I think it does its job only via repetition and context. So … we’ll see.

Anyway what seeing this old emblem really makes me wonder is: Why in the world didn’t the Obama team hire Shepard Fairey to do the new recovery logo? Whether you’re pro or con Fairey, you’ve got to admit: The guy really knows how to do propagandistic icons.

[3/5 UPDATE: I really have nothing to say today, so instead read Brian's comment on government iconography below, as it is superior to the post itself. Oh, and here, via Design Observer's "observed" links, is info on who designed the new recovery logo. I'm going to guess that when the design blogs get to assessing (I still haven't seen any writeups), they will generally like it. But maybe not. Very curious to know... ]