Here I am

Here I am online, I mean. Overkill, perhaps.

  • The Consumed Email Newsletter. This is what the real cutting edge early adopter types areĀ  into right now.
  • The Consumed Facebook page. I run it! I respond to comments! I post interesting links! Etc.
  • Unconsumption. This is the most popular thing I’m involved in lately. A group effort, it’s a pleasure for me to read, as well as contribute to. Get in on it. (Uncon is also on Twitter and Facebook, but @mollyblock should get way more credit for those efforts than I.)
  • MKTG. A Tumblr. Enthusiasms and interests. Theoretically a Tumblr-ish spinoff to the site you are looking at right now, in reality it is hard to describe what I’m doing there. That’s why it’s interesting and I love doing it. Tell your friends.
  • Letters From Here. Also Tumblr-based. This is my spot for collecting online stuff related to places that interest me, or the general notion of place, defined expansively enough to include the latest Google Maps toy or “architecture fiction” venture.
  • Listening/Technology/Journal. The theme on this one is music plus (or is it divided by?) technology.
  • Hypothetical Development Organization. Also:Hypo D on Facebook.
  • Things That Look Like Other Things. This is what it sounds like: Awesome.
  • Counterfunctionality: A Gallery. Also self-explanatory.
  • MLK BLVD: A Letters From New Orleans spinoff, this is an open-source photojournalism project overseen by me. Contribute to the Flickr pool, please.
  • Significant Objects: True, this site is not very active right now. But expect fireworks when our book comes out later this year. More active at the moment is the related @SignificObs, which is some me and some @kalivia. Also: Significant Objects on Facebook.
  • @NotRobWalker. That’s right, it’s a Twitter thingy. I have tried really, really, really hard to enjoy Twitter. But the fact is, this exists primarily because of the intense cultural peer pressure to “be on Twitter.” I am. I’m there. If you want to reach me through Twitter, you can.
  • no notes: Arguably my most eccentric “presence,” this blog is mostly about the song “St. James Infirmary.” Hard to explain, unlessĀ  you’ve read Letters From New Orleans.
  • Not much happens here, really, but there’s a contact page, and it’s been there for MORE THAN TEN YEARS, because that is just how “transparent” and “accessible” I am. And spare as it is, it’s still way better than my lame Wikipedia entry.