September recap (+ playlist)

I like reading other sites’ month-in-review posts, so I thought I’d try one, too.

Actually though …  I’ll open with a question: If you have a site, what do you use to track your stats? I’m using a WordPress plug-in that I’m not that crazy about. I’ve never really cared about stats before, but if I’m going to do this, maybe I should use some service that’s more detailed and accurate. Recommendations welcome.

Okay so on we go:

* The most commented-on item of the month is this one, Pessimism (Or: Is Main Street a bunch of spoiled, overspending babies?). These are also the best comments of the month, I think, and I’m still mulling them over and hope to have more to day on this subject soon.

* The most “active” (most views, I guess) items were this Q&A with Harriete Estel Berman, and this post Bias, rhetoric, and cognitive dissonance. A different plug-in (ShareThis) indicates that the Berman Q&A is also the “most shared” item of the month.

* The item I thought would get more comments was this one on Expressions of musical fandom in the digital era.

* The item I thought would get the most attention and “sharing,” but didn’t, was this on 3M apparently biting an ad idea. Or at least, it didn’t get a lot of attention here. Consumerist did a post about the same thing a few days later that probably drew more traffic than this site gets in a month. (That’s not in any way a knock on Consumerist, which I am confident came to the topic through its own channels, not by reading I’m just a little disappointed that their 9/15 post got a lot of traction and my 9/12 one got none — for instance, about a thousand Diggs for them vs. zero for me. Ah well!)

* My personal favorite posts that haven’t already been mentioned were this excellent Q&A with Little Friends of Printmaking, and this bit of Mad Men Musing: Changing Times.

The playlist for September is after the jump if you’re interested. Read more


1. “Little Johnny Jewel,” Television
2. “Mountain Mambo,” Country Cats
3. “Message To Society,” Wally Coco
4. “Bag of Hammers,” Thao
5. “Music In Marble Halls,” Tony Schwartz / Jimmy Giuffre


“Funky Party Time ,” J.D.
“Lagos City,” Asiko Rock Group
“Turntable Jazz ,” DJ ZedVantz
“Albert Goes West,” Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
“Amarillo Highway ,” Terry Allen