Thumb Drive, via On The Ground Looking Up.

Stone Ice Cubes, via Better Living Through Design.

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Two entries only.

Paint-Or-Die-But-Love-Me table (concept), via Core77.

“John Deere” rug, via bookofjoe.


(Note: The Thingdown will now appear on an “occasional,” rather than “fortnightly,” basis. However, it will still be on weekends. Unless I change that later. )

Dress For Dinner Napkins, via swissmiss.

Generate Design Sommelier Wine Glasses, via Ffffound.

Table resembling huge watch, via bookofjoe.

Lighter resembling huge match, via Popgadget.

Thingdown of two

Probably as a result of previously alluded to scheduling congestion, I didn’t spot as many interesting Things in the last two weeks for this installment of the fortnightly Thingdown. Just two. These.

Brass Knuckle Corkscrew, via Book of Joe.

Whippy, via Ffffound.


Time for another Fortnightly Weekend Thingdown. For whatever reason, I didn’t see that many Things that captured my attention the last two weeks. So it’s a short list.

Also, while I usually present the Things without comment, this time I need to provide a little context for the first one. It comes from the blog on the Fiji Green website, which is part of the bottled water company’s recent efforts to position itself as eco-friendly. More on that subject in this week’s Consumed, which I’ll post soon. But meanwhile, here’s the explanation of this item, from the aforementioned blog:

On April 26th, St. Vincent de Paul Society of San Francisco held the ”Discarded to Divine“ gala, an eco-friendly fashion show and charity fundraiser. Kim, our Northern California events coordinator, recruited designers Elaine O’Malley and Lisa Anne Fullerton to create a dress made from 100% recycled and reused materials, including FIJI Water packaging, for a model to wear throughout the evening.

More here, though the pictures and description are not as illuminating as they could be. I can’t really tell how the dress is put together and how the “packaging” is incorporated. I guess those are Fiji labels, right?

Anyway, Discarded To Divine involves designers making new garments out of old, discarded ones that are too messed up to be worn on their own anymore. The results are auctioned, raising money for the St. Vincent de Paul Society of San Francisco, an organization that helps the homeless and the needy.

So far as I can tell, this Fiji Green dress wasn’t part of the auction. Perusing these pictures of the event, it looks like maybe Fiji was a sponsor, or at least was giving out water, and this model just walked around at the gala and mingled. So was this essentially just a mobile ad for Fiji and its good intentions, inserting itself at an eco-friendly charity event? A merger of unconsumption and murketing? What do you think?

Okay, two more Things:

Handwrench, via Craftzine.

Hotman Trivet, via PopGadget.

Thingdown: You Buy It, You Break It … and more….

Time for another fortnightly Weekend Thingdown. This isn’t a list of stuff to buy. It’s just a list of stuff that’s interesting. Continues after the jump.

“Fragile” Salt and Pepper Set, Via Coudal

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Fortnightly Weekend Thingdown: Yet another new Murketing feature

The Weekend Thingdown is pretty straightforward: It’s a list of interesting … things. I’m not suggestion you need to buy any of these things. They’re just things that caught my eye. The Thingdown is planned as an every-other-weekend feature. Here goes.

Space Invaders Cutting Board, via BoingBoing.

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