Real estate news

What a lame headline! Oh well. Three things I wanted to link to and that’s all I could come up with. Here goes.

1. New York Magazine recently had a good story about the various travails of the Trump SoHo, probably I only read it because I wrote about the Trump SoHo in Consumed (10/14/07), but it turned out to be quite interesting.

2. The Times Magazine‘s most recent issue of Key, its real estate-focused spinoff, had a really fascinating piece abouta kind of strange real estate investor named William Gottlieb who died in 1999 and left behind a portfolio of more than 100 buildings, many of which other investors now really, really want to buy and convert.

3. Elsewhere in Key, David Leonhardt sifts the data of the real estate crash and argues: “Inequality hasn’t just increased among workers; it has also increased among cities.”